2019 SUMMIT AGENDA (Draft agenda -Subject to change)

AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center, UT Austin

Day 1: Thursday, April 11, 2019

7:30 am

Registration and Breakfast

8:00 am

Chancellor Milliken UT System  (Invited)
David Lakey, MD, UT System
Ernest Hawk, MD, MPH, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

8:15 am

Laying the Groundwork for the Eliminate Tobacco Use (ETU) Summit
Jennifer Cofer, MPH, CHES, EndTobacco Program; UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

8:30 am

Toll of Tobacco in Texas: Surveillance, Evaluation
Nicholas Garza, MPH, Chronic Disease Epidemiology; Texas Department of State Health Services

9:05 am

College and Universities Tobacco Free Policies:
Shelley Karn, EdD, Tobacco Research and Evaluation Team, UT Austin

9:30 am

Initiative’s Website Resource: A look into the ETU Initiative website & campus communication resources
Jessica Hughes Wagner, MPH, MCHES; UT Austin Center for Health Communication

10:00 am


10:30 am

KEYNOTE: “Emerging Products, Regulation and the Year of Cessation”
Brian King, PhD, Director, Translational Research, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office on Smoking and Health

11:30 am

Gallery Walk Through: Progress on the Current State of Policies, Cessation and Prevention

·      UT System Health Science Centers (each institution shares)

·      UT System Academic Institutions (each institution shares)

·      Partners Institutions (each institution shares)

12:00 pm

LUNCH: Tejas Room, 1st Floor

1:00 pm

PANEL DISCUSSION 1: Policy Enforcement at Academic and Health Science Centers
UT Austin, Nosse Ovienmhada (ABC’s)
University of California, Julie Chobdee (Checklist)
UT Health

Learning Labs: What Did We Learn?

1:55 pm

2:00 pm

PANEL DISCUSSION 2: Leveraging ETU communication resources for your campus

  • Mike Mackert, PhD, UT Austin, Moody College of Communication, Dell Medical School

  • Paul McGaha, DO, UT Health Science Center Tyler (Campus Signage)

  • Nora Hernandez, UTEP (Campus Story Submission)

2:55 pm

Learning Labs: What Did We Learn?

3:00 pm


3:15 pm

PANEL DISCUSSION 3: Prevention and E-cigarettes
Dr. Steven Kelder, PhD
Brian King, PhD, Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Lara Latimer, PhD, UT Austin Peers Against Tobacco

3:45 pm

Learning Labs: Institution Huddle Time for Future Action Plan
(2019 Summit – 2020 Summit)

4:30 pm

Partner Announcements

4:45 pm

Expectations for Day 2

5:00 pm



Day 2: Friday, April 12, 2019

7:30 am

Networking Breakfast

8:00 am

Welcome and Review of Day 1, Overview of Day 2 Agenda

8:15 am

PANEL DISCUSSION 4: YEAR OF CESSATION – Young Adults: E-Cigarettes, Pharma and media campaigns
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (Dr. Cinciripini)
University of California (Julie Chobdee)
UT San Antonio Health Science Center (Dr. Amelie Ramirez)
UT San Antonio (Student Health)

8:55 am

Learning Labs: What Did We Learn?

9:00 am

BREAKOUT TRACKS by College/University Setting

  • Academic Centers:
    Option 1: utilizing student health centers
    Option 2: incorporating tobacco into student life activities/student groups/campus life

  • Health Science Centers:
    Option 1: engaging special populations (mental health, maternal and LGBTQ)
    Option 2: Collaborative research across UT System

10:00 am


10:15 am

Learning Labs: Institutional groups to update/write one year action plan

11:15 am

Box Lunch

11:30 am  

Institutions Report Out on One Year Future Action Plan
(Summit 2019 – Summit 2020)

1:30 pm


2:30 pm

Closing remarks and evaluations

3:00 pm